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Personal Safety Fundamentals Course

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The development of this Personal Safety Fundamentals Course that includes a Basic Firearms Education component, came after receiving many request from clients who have attended our Personal Safety Seminar for Real Estate Professionals. It also came about after receiving inquiries from many people who have a firearm in their home but have little or no firearms education, and are concerned about their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

This comprehensive course is entirely classroom based and does not include live-fire of guns. Discounted one-to-one range instruction will be made available to participants who attend this course and desire shooting lessons.
Contact us or call 1-800-528-5862 to attend this course.

Personal Safety Topics Include:
  • How to use technology as smart safety solutions.
  • Understanding the inherent vulnerability of metropolitan areas.
  • Common mistakes people make that jeopardize their safety.
  • How to ensure your public presence does not put you at risk.
  • Practical defense tools and techniques.
  • Items every person should consider carrying.
  • Understanding criminal cues to determine if a person is a threat.
  • Understanding the reactionary gap (enlarging your personal space).

Firearm Fundamental Topics include:
  • Handgun safety rules.
  • Causes of firearm related accidents.
  • Elements of firearm safety.
  • Responsible firearm ownership and child safety.
  • Handgun parts and operation.
  • Ammunition cartridge types and components.
  • Safe draw, presenting, & holstering.
  • Less than lethal options.
  • Escalation of force, engagement scenarios, and transition zones.
  • …and more.
Thank you for the class! It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. I appreciate how comfortable and accessible your teaching style is. You talked to us, not at us. You effectively communicated the steps and wasn’t domineering or intimidating in delivery.
Mary from Arlington, Virginia