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Training for legal concealed carry in over 30 states

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We’re conduct a comprehensive in-person 4-Hour Concealed Carry Permit Course that meets the training requirements to submit application for the Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit and the highly coveted Utah non-resident Concealed Firearm Permit for legal carry in 30+ states. Visit our course calendar for dates, times, locations, and to register.

We're also conduct the required
16 hour classroom and 2 hour range instruction course that meets the training requirements to submit application for a District of Columbia Concealed Pistol License. This course is taught by Instructors certified by the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC. Visit our course calendar for dates, times, locations, and to register.

Getting a Maryland Permit is now possible, we conduct the 16 hour Maryland Wear and Carry Course, simultaneously with the 16 hour DC Concealed Pistol License Course. Visit our course calendar and click on the course date for DC CPL Course / Maryland Wear and Carry Course. You'll have the option to submit payment for the just the Maryland Wear & Carry training; just the DC Concealed Pistol License training or Combined Course for both DC & MD permits. In addition to the content covered in the DC course, we will cover Maryland Law and conduct the MD live-fire qualification with students that have registered for the MD Wear and Carry Permit training.
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We also offer private courses for groups of friends, family members, and companies that want to take training together in a closed setting that is not open to the general public.

It is the responsibility of every concealed firearm permit holder to know and understand all current laws, statues and regulations regarding any use, transporting, carrying or storage of firearms -concealed or otherwise. We recommend that you contact the credentialing authorities for the permits that you've been issued AND contact the appropriate authorities within any state that you plan to visit or venture. The below links for reciprocity and recognition are NOT to be interpreted as legal advice. It is the permit holder's responsibility to verify the accuracy of any information because reciprocity and recognition agreements can and sometimes do change.
Having a gun doesn’t make you armed anymore than having a guitar makes you a musician
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