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iTrain With A Gun membership

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Just as merely owning a hammer doesn’t make a person a skilled carpenter, merely owning a firearm doesn’t make a person skilled to defend themselves and loved-ones.

iTrain With A Gun membership is for anyone serious about increasing their firearms proficiency and looking for personalized one-to-one shooting lessons with a certified firearms instructor. Our exclusive membership allows you to schedule up to 2, 4, or 6 hourly range instruction sessions each month with one of our certified firearms instructors. Membership is billed monthly and can be cancelled at anytime. So if you're serious about learning to shoot a firearm or you’re seeking continued firearms skills development, there’s a iTrain With A Gun membership that's perfect for you. So what membership will you shoot for?

All range instruction is conducted in the northern Virginia region. Our instructors use the following range facilities for live-fire: NRA Range in Fairfax; Blue Ridge Arsenal Range in Chantilly; and SharpShooters Range in Lorton.

Bronze Membership

$199 / a month
Schedule up to 2 hourly range sessions with a certified instructor each month.

Silver Membership

$349 / a month
Schedule up to 4 hourly range sessions with a certified instructor each month.

Gold Membership

$499 / a month
Schedule up to 6 hourly range sessions with a certified instructor each month.
iTrain With A Gun membership can be cancelled at any time and without reason. However any monthly membership billed for a current month billing cycle is not refundable, cannot be exchanged for other services, and cannot be combined with any other offers. Only one membership is allowed per person. Membership is not transferrable and hourly range sessions cannot be rolled over to subsequent months. Range session can be cancelled and rescheduled without penalty if session is cancelled more than 24 hours before the schedule range appointment. Failure to attend a range session you've scheduled or cancelations made without given 24 hour notice will forfeit that hourly range instruction session.

Equipment and Clothing needed for range sessions:
  • Baseball type hat with brim.
  • Appropriate range clothing. (No loose fitting shirts, flip-flops, open toe shoes).
  • Eye and Ear protection is a must.
  • A working handgun and strong side holster that covers the trigger guard. (No shoulder holsters, cross draws, fanny packs, concealed carry purses, or holsters with collapsible opening allowed).
  • A minimum of extra 2 magazines with at least one magazine pouch if training with a pistols. A minimum of 2 speed loaders if training with a revolver.
  • A sturdy belt that fits your pants belt loops.
  • 2 boxes (100 rounds) of factory ammunition per hourly session (No reloaded ammunition).

After choosing a membership plan (bronze, silver, or gold) you can conveniently schedule your firearm shooting lessons below: